About Me

About Me

Hi, I’m Dave, a seasoned and empathetic technology leader with over two decades of experience in the industry. I’ve worked in a variety of roles, starting in systems administration and database development, through to people leadership positions at Trade Me, Timely, Sharesies, and GitLab.

Originally from South Africa (Margate), I moved to New Zealand (Wellington) in 2003. I’m a hands-on leader who is passionate about developing teams. I have a proven track record of building high-performing teams from scratch, running Agile delivery, and coaching others. I’m also experienced in product ownership, working closely with executives on strategic initiatives, managing remote teams, and scaling engineering functions (and systems!) in fast-growing companies.

I’ve also done a bit of consulting with smaller companies, working to scale their teams and platforms, usually for nothing more than the enjoyment (okay okay… a couple of times there’s been beer or whisky as payment). 😁

Outside of work, and my family (partner, 3 daughters, 2 dogs & a cat), I’m a serial tinkerer. I spend lots of time in my garage/workshop taking motorbikes apart, dabbling in a bit of carpentry and DIY, fighting with my 3D printer, etc. Fulfilling the South African stereotype, I do enjoy a good beer and braai (BBQ). I’ve also been a life long gym-goer, competing in powerlifting until a few years ago.

Feel free to get in touch. Best bet is probably just to add me (along with a message) on LinkedIn.

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