Cloud Engineers – I want you!

I’ve been wanting to resurrect this blog for a while, so what better way to do so than advertising the fact that I need some help at work? 🙂

Here at Timely I head up the Platform team. We’re currently a team of 5 (including myself) covering areas such as internal support, reporting, data and databases, devops and security, and performance and tooling.

We’ve done a kick-ass job so far (if I do say so myself), but that backlog is starting to grow faster than we can knock out tasks. There are operational and DevOps related projects on the back-burner, and a bunch of security related enhancements we want to make too.

So we’re going to plug a few gaps in the team by finding someone to look after our core infrastructure (based almost exclusively on Microsoft Azure). This person will also kick it up a few notches by finishing our IaC implementation (Infrastructure-as-Code, using Terraform) and automating away as much toil as possible. There’ll also be projects like improving our DR capabilities, taking our operational monitoring platforms to the next level, and a bunch more!

So if this sounds like you, or someone you know an awesome Cloud Engineer, please get in touch!

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