Tech Ed done, bring on PASS Summit!

I’m feeling somewhat human again after having caught up on some sleep back at home after 4 days in Auckland at Tech Ed New Zealand.

Thanks again to those who came to our session (DBI207 – Trade Me: 0-70 million pages in 0.34 Gigaseconds) – and specially to those who took the time to leave feedback.  Overall we got a good response, with the only gripe being that it wasn’t technical enough.  Probably a fair enough observation.

It was classified as a level 200, but that was set before we actually knew exactly what we were going to present on – so in hind sight level 100 might’ve been more accurate. I also spent a little longer on some of the preamble than I wanted to, which meant the more technical stuff had to be rushed a little. This is something that will improve with speaking experience I think.  So, if you didn’t get what you wanted from it, I apologise, but I’m keen to do a technical session at a later date so keep an eye out for that at a conference or user group near you. 🙂

Simon, another work colleague, also presented a session (WUX207 – Releasing Trade Me’s Latest Project) which was awesome. My excuse is that he’s spent a fair amount of time on-stage in a past life doing improv. :-p  Needless to say there was some healthy competition between Matt & I, and Simon as far as feedback scores were concerned.  He won…

The rest of the conference seemed to go pretty well – congrats to those involved in organising it.  I didn’t get to see as many sessions as I wanted to, but enjoyed the few I did attend, and heard mostly positive feedback from the other guys from work who attended.

Here are all the recorded sessions from this year, including our session, and Simon’s.

So, the next thing on my calendar is PASS Summit in Seattle in October. Super excited! Never been to the US before, and can’t wait to attend pre-cons and sessions presented by folks who I’m sure will explode my brain. I’ve signed up as a “first timer” (my “big brother” is Craig Purnell), and I’ll probably also be up for the Monday night dinner at Lowell’s, so might see you there!

DB Dave

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