Getting ready for Tech Ed New Zealand

Sky Tower, Auckland
Sky Tower, Auckland

Tech·Ed NZ kicks off the day after tomorrow at the Auckland SkyCity convention centre.  I’ve been to a few in the past, so nothing new there – but what makes this year different is that myself and a colleague will be presenting a session:

DBI207 – Trade Me: 0-70 million pages in 0.34 Gigaseconds

Its not a terribly technical session, but rather a session about our (i.e. my employer’s) infrastructure & architecture.  Given the nature of our architecture it is a fairly database-centric session, although we’ll cover the network and application layers briefly as well. It’s at 13:55 on Wednesday if I’ve whet your appetite.
Oh, and if you don’t know what a “gigasecond” is, then Wikipedia is your friend.  It sounded better than “0-70 million pages in roughly 11 years“. 😉

It’s a tweaked and updated version of the session I presented at the Wellington SQL Server User Group (along with my colleague, Moana), then at the Christchurch .Net User Group, and most recently the Auckland SQL Server User Group.

Simon, our head of dev is also presenting a session this year. His will be about our development and deploy processes, culminating in the live launch of a new Trade Me “thing” (I can’t really describe it any more accurately without hinting at what it is, and it’s super top secret squirrel and I’ll be shot if I let it slip early). His session is at 13:55 on Thursday, so it’ll be worth a look-see.

So yeah, hopefully it all goes well! If you’re coming along be sure to say hi before or after the session. There will be around 10 of us from Trade Me attending this year, so the chances of bumping into one of us is fairly good. 🙂

DB Dave

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