SQL Breakfast

This morning we (i.e. my team and I) tried something we’ve spoken about for some time, but haven’t got around to doing until now; a “Tech Breakfast”.

Yummy stuffSo I stopped at a bakery on the way to work to pick up some yummy baked goods, and all 3 of us piled into a meeting room at 07:30 with our individual beverage of choice in hand, and watched Kimberly Tripp’sIndexing Internals” MCM presentation and demo.

It went down pretty well, so I think we’ll make it a regular thing (maybe every 2nd Friday morning).  If you work in a team, and feel like mixing things up a little, give something like this a try.  At the very least it exposes people to things they might not have otherwise learnt themselves, and also sparks discussion in the team about the material being viewed, and how it may be relevant in their own environments or projects.

All in all not a bad way to kick off a Friday. Smile

DB Dave

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