Generate scripts to detach/attach all databases

I haven’t had time to do any Denali testing since my last post, so instead I thought I’d share a script I wrote a while ago which simply generates a script to attach one or more databases using their current file paths (and optionally then detaches these databases).

The reason I wrote this script in the first place was because we have a number of environment (i.e. dev, test, stage, reporting, etc), and some of these databases are made up of quite a few database files (i.e. more than a dozen or so).
So on the odd occasion when I’ve needed to detach a database, move some files around, and re-attach said database using the Management Studio GUI, I’ve found it frustrating having to manually browse to each file’s location over and over again. And I just prefer doing stuff in T/SQL over using the GUI – makes me feel more in control I think.

So, with this script I could easily generate the “attach” code for each database (including all file paths), make any path or filename changes necessary, and re-attach all the databases with a single mouse click!

The usual disclaimers apply; I’ve used this in a limited number of scenarios so I wouldn’t consider it thoroughly tested, and if you run it in a production environment and “accidentally” detach databases, or otherwise break something – don’t blame me.


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